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Support Raising Podcast

Feb 15, 2019

Steve Shadrach joins Aaron for a special announcement. 5 simple things to qualify for the SRS Prize Pack drawing: 1 - Subscribe to the SRS Podcast (not just download some episodes, but actually subscribe!) 2 - Rate It (5 stars please!) 3 - Leave a kind review on your podcast platform (Be encouraging please!) 4 - Send an email or text or a WhatsApp message to at least 5 support based friends that says, "Support Raising Solutions has a podcast you should subscribe too, because they answer tough questions! ” (You are on the honor system for this, so please do it!) 5 -Send us a message via that says you did all of the above, but ALSO include a support raising question and/or a story of how SRS helped you! Due by Sept. 1, 2019. Note there will only be 1 grand prize winner.